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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Judith Plesich who was born in Ohio on November 26, 1956 and passed away on February 12, 2006 at the age of 49. We will remember her forever.  Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a slide show of Judy's life....

It is certainly not easy to write a few paragraphs to summarize someone's life.  My dad said it best at the funeral when he stated that if you knew her, then "you know why I love her."  She was just MOM to me and that is why I loved her.  I know that everyone who reads this will have been touched by her life in some way.  I just hope that in ten years or twenty years, I can still hear her voice and see her face.  I hope that you all can too and I wanted to do something to help remember.

My mom was one of the strongest people that I know.   I remember that when I was little, she was grossed out even to look at my throat when it was sore.  But after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early thirties, we began to see that she was a tough person.  Those of you who were around at the end of her life probably do not want to remember her in that way...I know that even though it was the most important time of my life, it is hard to see someone have to fight so hard.  But she did.  Following her diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, I have never seen anyone go through so much and still have the will to go on.  I have to say also that I never ONCE heard her complain.  It makes me think sometimes, when someone can have two diseases and not complain, the small things do not seem so bad.  We are all lucky to have been inspired by this courage and her memory will always live on....

You may have noticed a new song on this site.  It is special to my parents and the way we feel about my mom.  If there is anything you would like to have added to this site, please e-mail me or add your own memories.   My dad and I will be updating this site regularly.  Love,
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Your Mom and Dad   / Dorothy Michalski (friend)
Hi Sarah.  I just happened to find this site today.  Your mom was such a special person, and my husband and I are so sorry that she is no longer here.  My husband was actually in your parents' wedding (I think he got cut from the weddi...  Continue >>
Hey Ples!   / Dave Plesich (Brother-in-law)
Dear Sarah,
     I love this site.  Your mama was so beautiful.  Her legacy is two intelligent, articulate, strong, caring, beautiful children and a husband who appreciated what he had.  May we all be so blesse...  Continue >>
Pics  / Nancy Ficca (Hudspeth) (Friend)
Hi Bill and Sara!! You should be so proud, this is such a beautiful tribute to Judy. I have a couple of old pictures of that  old running around gang, if you would ever want to see them. i would like to keep them though, but would love to share ...  Continue >>
Judy Plesich Memorial Award   / Bill Szabo (Brother)
Please view this website that displays the annual "Judy Plesich Memorial Award". Please see the link (below) of Judy's award.

After I told my best friend (Andy Salisbury of thirty years), who is the founder and dir...  Continue >>
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