Judith Plesich
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Your Mom and Dad  / Dorothy Michalski (friend)  Read >>
Your Mom and Dad  / Dorothy Michalski (friend)
Hi Sarah.  I just happened to find this site today.  Your mom was such a special person, and my husband and I are so sorry that she is no longer here.  My husband was actually in your parents' wedding (I think he got cut from the wedding photo you have on this site!) and we did not get a chance to visit with them when we lived in Cincinnati for 2.5 years.  Anyway, please know that I think of your mom often and wonder how your dad is doing.  PLease give him our best.

Dorothy Michalski Close
Hey Ples!  / Dave Plesich (Brother-in-law)  Read >>
Hey Ples!  / Dave Plesich (Brother-in-law)
Dear Sarah,
     I love this site.  Your mama was so beautiful.  Her legacy is two intelligent, articulate, strong, caring, beautiful children and a husband who appreciated what he had.  May we all be so blessed.  Thanks for sharing all those great photos.  They even bring back memories for me.  God bless.
Uncle Dave Close
Pics / Nancy Ficca (Hudspeth) (Friend)  Read >>
Pics / Nancy Ficca (Hudspeth) (Friend)
Hi Bill and Sara!! You should be so proud, this is such a beautiful tribute to Judy. I have a couple of old pictures of that  old running around gang, if you would ever want to see them. i would like to keep them though, but would love to share them with you. I hope all is well with everyone, as I do know something about what you are going through. Like Janie, I buried my son at 21Yrs old. You learn to go on, but it's there every night and every morning of my life. I looked at these pictures of her, and looked like yesterday for me. Judy pulling up at house in that orange car... remember Bill? We had sooo much fun in high school. i thought of Judy at christmas when i heard "Merry Christmas Darling" from Carpenters. Do you know the first time I heard it was at her house out Washington Pike, she had the tape, and we played it a million times, over and over again. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers, please try to keep in touch, thanks for sharing Judy with all of us. Love, nancy Close
Judy Plesich Memorial Award  / Bill Szabo (Brother)  Read >>
Judy Plesich Memorial Award  / Bill Szabo (Brother)
Please view this website that displays the annual "Judy Plesich Memorial Award". Please see the link (below) of Judy's award.

After I told my best friend (Andy Salisbury of thirty years), who is the founder and director for the New Jersey Sholastic Rowing Championship, about Judy's passing, he decided to create an annual memorial award at each year's regatta, in honor of Judy. Because of Judy's dedication and detrmination to fight on (regardless of her illnesses), this award will be presented (annually) the to a person that has displayed "Unselfish Decication to the NJSRC". This was an unexpected and unbelievable gesture that Andy did, in honor of Judy.

I will never forget what Andy did in honor of Judy and I will never forget you. Judy! I love you Judy and I will always miss you!